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Grab the free engine, but did you know you can get a massive content package designed to work with RPG Tools  here!

Have you ever wanted to make a game like the classic 2D PC RPGs Baldur's Gate, Diablo, and Fallout? Such an epic quest is going to stay unfinished in your log for a long time unless you have the right tools... RPG Tools!

This engine is designed to help you realize the dream of building the kind of vast worlds, heroic characters, and adventurous atmospheres that made those old games such classics. The best part is, you don't even need to know how to code.

Of course, it'll still be a lot of work, and that's where RPG Tools comes in. You'll find a full-featured Level Editor, Character Editor, and a system which lets you create custom game logic without any programming. For more advanced control, you can use Lua scripts to implement more complex behaviors.

The Character Editor automatically loads all character sprites and equipment parts from PVGames and Laserwolve Games and lets you combine or recolor them as you wish.

The Level Editor allows you to create 2D maps which can be used in RPG Tools, or export them to be used in other game engines like RPG Maker. It automatically identifies animated sprites, sprite sheets etc. from PVGames so you can use them without any additional setup.

You'll also find:

- a UI Editor to create the perfect game interface

- import options for 3D models to use as objects or characters

- Effekseer compatibility for cool particle effects

- Dragon Bones functionality

- a Quick Test mode for rapid prototyping and playtesting

- a huge content library including art, music, SFX, voice acting, and particle effects

Gather your party and venture forth!

You can find more information on Gitlab

For support you can also join my discord channel

You can find more videos in my Youtube Channel

This is a playlist with tutorial videos

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Oh cool! I'm gonna see if I can use this with assets from FLARE or FreeDroid (two open source RPGs).


it should work when you create sprite sheets with this naming scheme : https://nightmare82.github.io/CustomModels.html

Nice, thank you!


no problem! Oh and you are talking about static images they should work directly (as long as they are png images), just add the root folder to the tool which contains them)in any sub directory)

Hi Martin,

tested you tool today to use assets from PVGames. I am struggeling with importing the assets into the Level Editor.

Though, after setting the folder, I can see some Assets but it is extremely hard to navigate through them.

And: the tiles part is always empty. I've tried many things in renaming stuff with something like "Tile" or "Tiles" or even "Tileset", but with no avail.

I truly like the way, how tiles will be smoothened, when painted. So I want to use it with PVGames Doomsday Tiles.

Do you have any information about the naming convention?



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Hi Lars,

You can get tons of tiles on the Patreon page of PVGames, the tool will then display them automatically.

You can also use your own images with the „_Tile“ suffix(eg „Wood_Tile.png“) check this guide for more information: https://nightmare82.github.io/LevelEditor.html

About the object layer : by default it only displays the first 200 entries but you can change that by setting the „max objects“ in the options, you can also filter by directory.

let me know if you have any questions,


Thank you for your answer.

I must confess... I "read" the documentation, but somehow missed the part where you describe the naming convention. 

So, this is a bit of a  RTFM case xD



Hello, how to add sprites and textures to the editor?

Via main menu „file -> add image folder“ you can add folders that contain png files, it will add the folder and all its children to the library.

Afterwards you can place them in the level editor when you select an object layer.

you are also welcome to join the Discord server for easier communication: https://discord.gg/27GtR8Su

you can also check https://nightmare82.github.io/ for documentation or my YouTube tutorial playlist(see links in this project)

works under wine very good (i use linux btw) . many features although i probably wont use it in rpg maker but manually coding in js ;p

that’s great, thanks for the information!


very cool! Did you use any special settings ? If you want you could also share it in my discord channel, there are some mac users who might be interested : https://discord.gg/wq2mkZZT

no. just wine (as on linux i just installed newest wine from flatpak btw)

ok, great, thanks for the details!

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I have an empty project opening there is nothing there

Did you choose „new project“ and choose the example project as a template ?

I tried to create a new one, tried to open a project. I don't have anything that is on the video to create a map.Only one texture and no objects

the tool doesn’t contain textures besides one ground texture. You need to add image folders with assets or use the content package which contains a lot of assets and a template project : https://nightmare-82.itch.io/rpg-tools-content-package

hello i got your software as part of the humble bundle, and here and im running a windows 10. when i run either downloaded program it is blurry, and stripped with green lines, and it makes using it not possible. is this a common problem? seems the comments below that everyone has diffrent issues. if you would like, link me your discord and i will also provide a screen capture, and we can figure out a solution.   Thank you. 

hello! No I never heard about this issue, you can join https://discord.gg/ctHuHUZy for easier communication

In case anyone else encounters this issue(but so far it was only reported once) : Switching to windowed fullscreen mode via alt enter seems to solve that issue

Hi, at first: the tool is great! Thanks. But I have a similar problem like above: everytime I try to load the example project, the tool crashes. Any tips or suggestions?

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Thanks! Do you use Rpg Tools from this page or from the Humble Bundle package ? If you want you can join my discord : https://discord.gg/gb49J9zm for an easier way to chat quickly/solve your issue.

If not : Could you send me the crashlog ? Does it crash directly after opening the example project ?

It won't start for me, I'm getting an error that api-ms-win-downlevel-kernal32-l2-1-0.dll is missing.

I follwe steps to reinstall the missing file and it still wont work.

I found an article which offers a couple of potential fixes to the problem : https://www.pcerror-fix.com/epic-games-launcher-api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32

Do you use windows 7 ?


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I have the very same error, and my friend too. We are both on windows 7. I download kernel.dll but another error pop up, something error 0xc000007b

sorry for that, I will look into it

Do you have a 64 bit or 32 bit Windows version ? The current tool version only supports 64 bit

One thing you could try is : Check if you have these Windows 7 security upgrades : https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4507456

I found it after discovering this blog post : https://www.georgenischal.com/blog/api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-l2-1-0-dll-erro... You can check Option 1 there for more details and an alternative solution

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64. I don't have kernel error anymore. Now it's error 0xc000007b

Whenever I try to run it, Norton prevents it saying that it performs suspicious registry activity. :(

That's weird, the tool doesn't use the registry as far as I know(Maybe a library I use but I'm not aware of that) but I can ensure you the tool does nothing suspicious.

You can try to add an exception for the tool

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Wow, I have been a huge fan of PV Games, this is just a God send! 

Just one question, Is there a written tutorial or documentation besides the youtube video?

Thank you for this!

thanks, glad you like it! There is this guide : https://gitlab.com/Nightmare_82/charactercreator it’s a bit outdated but most of it is still valid, also you are more than welcome to join the discord channel where people can quickly get help(you can find the link on this page)

Cool, see you on discord. Thanks again.

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Downloaded yesterday, I started a new project and decided to open a Character from the Example Project as a base but when I do this RPGTools crashes, upon reloading I can't create a project as the "OK" button is never highlighted no matter what folders I select. The dump file states: "The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access." I'm running as administrator so unsure why it wouldn't have access?

Just tried creating a new Character which also causes a crash...?

Do you use the version from Humble Bundle with the content package or the version from this page ?

I would suggest to:

- delete the Userfile_* files in the rpg tools folder

- create a new project(keep the template folder and pick an empty folder for your new project)

About the crash dump : Could you please send it to Martin_Mais@web.de ? Thanks!

If you want you could join the Rpg Tools discord for easier communication : https://discord.gg/2hNzhjbb

I download from this page, I can't find the userfile files, where are these usually located? I'll send the most recent Crash Dump file across now, should be with you shortly.

if you have this package please use this tutorial video for the initial setup : 

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Thought I'd edit this to add that all the other editors work, I can create levels, UIs and particles without issues, it's only the character editor that causes the crash.

The example project of the tool contains characters which use graphics from https://www.patreon.com/PVGames but the character graphics aren't part of the free version of the tool. I will check why it crashes but to create a new character you can just select any unit in the list(Which are only visible if you have any graphics with characters) and then assign the equipment etc. When you are done with your changes you can save it via main menu.


Hi, I bought the content, and Wow! its absolutely the best time I ever had on a computer. I come from games like balders gate and you have made it possible for me to create it. I would like to offer My Virtual Tabletop Software for you to include with your App, so you can export maps and art for Tabletop Wargaing, I dont want any payment, and I can give you the source code so you can be confident with it. I know you may be happy as you are, but this may just expand your options with RPTools.? I wont add a link here, but its on my profile if your interested?

Hi! I'm glad that you like the tools!

The tabletop software sounds interesting for sure, could you send me more information via private message ? Thanks!

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Hi I have no way to message you, so drop me an email on edited @gmail.com  hope to hear from you?